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Somehow please help: how do I make the MIDI controller data I'm editing "stick" from region to region in Piano Roll?

D.D. Jackson

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I could have sworn Logic used to do this automatically before the most recent update. I often edit multiple regions that have similar data (from different Arrange window tracks), in the Piano Roll, one after the other. Often I may (for example), edit the Midi expression data in 1 region, then switch in the arrange to the next region and edit that region's Expression as well (and on down the line). I seem to recall in the past when I did this that Logic automatically kept the particular MIDI controller data I was editing consistent when I switched from Region to Region, unless I explicitly changed which controller data I wanted to edit. NOW, however, there seems to be no connection between the different regions and I have to manually change it back to "Expression" in the Piano Roll's lower right each time I edit a new Region. This is extremely needlessly time-consuming, so I was wondering if anyone knew how to have the MIDI controller data I've chosen NOT change when I start editing a different region selected in the Arrange window? Much thanks!

- robjohn99

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Still not working as I recall it previously working. I have two windows open: Arrange on the left; Piano Roll on the right. In the Piano Roll, I have the yellow content link button enabled, and I've also enabled Mix>Autoselect Automation Paremeter in Read Mode.


In the Arrange window I have a series of separate tracks for vln 1, vln 2, viola and cello (virtual instruments), each with a region on it. When I select the region for vln 1 and it's midi data shows up in the Piano Roll at right, I then typically choose the region parameter I wish to edit (such as "modulation") in the lower left of the Piano Roll window.


In the past, I recall that if I subsequently went back to the Arrange and choose the 2nd track's region ("vln 2"), the Piano Roll would display that region, and automatically set the region data I'm editing ALSO to "modulation". Now, however, it simply defaults to whatever it was set to the last time I edited "vln 2" in the Piano Roll. This means that I can no longer blow through multiple regions in rapid succession and change the same midi data parameter to all of them in turn without first having to manually change which data I wish to edit each time first (which slows things down considerably).


Please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Much thanks in advance -


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You don't want to enabled Mix>Autoselect Automation Paremeter in Read Mode - you want to disable it...


Try that and if you are still having issues - let us know.


I have a similar, two-window setup and the same problem persists whether Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode in enabled or disabled. The last-used CC lane in that particular region always shows up no matter what it was switched to previously in a different region.

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When 10.4 first came out I had your exact problem. I couldn't work that way. I searched this forum for a solution and found the Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode solution (provided by member Eric Cardenas.) It worked. I no longer have the problem. HOWEVER, now I can't make the problem come back by toggling Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode. It's now as if that setting doesn't do anything. Thank goodness I'm "stuck" in the right mode. There must be some other parameter in conjunction with Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode responsible?
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