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serious Bounce-in-Place and Bouncing problem since update!

D.D. Jackson

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I have no idea what's going on. When I select a group of virtual instruments that are definitely NOT in any way peaking/distorting and choose "Bounce in Place" (without normalizing), the resulting file comes out completely peaking/distorting. This also happens when I select them and do a straight "Bounce" and then re-import the resulting bounced file back into my Logic session and view the file. I should add that I DON'T have the "Waveform zoom" enabled. Here is the maximum volume of the virtual strings on the Strings bus:




and here is the resulting bounced file:




What the heck is going on? (thanks for any thoughts!)


If this is a 10.4.1 bug, does anyone know how I can revert back to 10.4?


Thanks -


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I'm not sure I'm following you. That volume fader you refer to is a Track Stack of all my strings. Even though it's obviously set too low, I'm still presuming that since the final stereo output 1-2 it is routed to indicates a maximum output level from the strings of -12 DB, that there's no way the resulting bounced tracks should be distorting, and I'm also already setting "Include Volume/Pan Automation" with my bounces. I've also tried just soloing all the strings and bouncing only that (vs. doing a "bounce in place" within my Logic session), and I get the same distorted-appearing result when I bring the resulting bounced file back into Logic and look at the wave form that is created. Thanks and I welcome any other thoughts (since this is quite perplexing!)

- robjohn99

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...this may not be an isolated/operator-malfunction...under a project deadline, and needing to avoid cpu overload, I needed to bounce the drum track-stack down to a simple audio stem...big troubles, the efx on the stack header and the channel binaural-pan settings are not in the bounced stem...the bounce settings/etc include all of that...no time to investigate...maybe more later.../s~
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I'm not sure I'm following you [...]


Your track stack volume fader is set at -23.6dB and yet you're peaking at -14dB.


That tells the sum of your individual subtracks BEFORE it goes into your main track stack volume fader is loud, very loud indeed thus the resulting fat looking waveform.


In a simpler explanation : the sum of your strings goes +10dB (24dB-14dB) over the limit of 0dB and once turned into a waveform, that extra 10dB has to be clipped.


(In actual, logic works in 32-bit floating point internally where if you bring down the volume of a clipped midi sourced instrument, logic 'recovers' that clipped sound mathematically/algorithmically, as long as the original source wave files of that midi instrument are not originally clipped.)

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Ah - I think I finally get it :-). Definitely an argument for me to have a more objective, consistent output level I'm mixing at that is relatively unchanging so that I'm not over-compensating for a lower overall output without realizing it, etc. by boosting my mixing studio's speakers, etc. So basically my entire session needs to come up and peak at a more reasonable output 1-2 level, and the volume of my speakers in the mixing room needs to come down...Thanks for the explanation.

- robjohn9999

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