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In-the-box live rig set-up question

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After using a pedalboard set-up combined with a GR-33 guitar-synth for many years, I’m now looking into putting together an all-in-the-box live rig, using Logic and plugins including MIDI Guitar, my Presonus Firestudio, some MIDI foot-controller, going into my solid state Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight.


One central issue is connecting the Firestudio to the Fender. I’ve been reading quite a bit about that online—connecting an audio interface to an amp—and while the input is confusing, there seems to be a consensus with the need to use a re-amp box between the interface and the amp, for a number of reasons.


Today, I tried things out without it. I loaded a track in Logic, added some delay and and reverb, plugged in my archtop in one of the Hi-Z input of the Firestudio, then simply connected one of its main stereo outputs into the Jazzmaster standard input, using the -6db one as it offers that. It worked fine, without significant unwanted noise, although the signal was quite hot—which is understandable, given it’s cascading preamps—so that I had to keep both the amp and the Firestudio volumes low, which still gave me plenty of gain.


I’m open to buy a re-amp box. For one thing, leaving out the potential of damaging the gear, without it I’d be always worried of overlooking a volume level somewhere in the chain and suddenly have the sound blasting my or other people’s ears off.


That leaves me with one question : As the interface has stereo outputs, what’s the best scenario ? Is simply running either of the outputs to the re-amp box, then to the amp fine, or. . ? What’s the best way to go from stereo to mono in this case ?



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