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Summing Track Stacks Sent to Larger Groups - AUX Problem


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I have a stereo keyboard part on two mono files, set up as a summing track stack in order to process both at the same time. I then utilize a reverb send to an AUX track from the summing stack itself.


Later on I want to group all the keyboard parts into its own group, so I create a new bus called “All Keyboards” and send my stereo keyboard there. It all sounds fine, except when I solo this All Keyboards bus, I don’t hear the reverb send. When I solo the reverb send in addition to the All Keyboards bus, I hear the reverb of every single track that is also being sent there, vocals etc.


Is there a way to set this up so when I solo my All Keyboards bus I hear just the reverb from the tracks nested within that group? Or is there a more elegant solution for all this?

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