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Can't arm multiple tracks

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I've been reading around and that issue seems to comes back time and again, yet I can't figure it out.


I'm working on a project where i want to layer 4 instances of software instruments. I created 4 instruments tracks, but I can't manage to arm them all. One will arm, sometimes two, one time three, never 4, try as I may.


The record enable button shows on all 4 in the arrangement window.


Any idea ?

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No, that doesn't do it, Triplets—and I unchecked everything related to input monitoring.


I just remembered reading something a while back about a link between recording and software instruments parts. Fiddling around, I can now manage, after some clicking around, to arm the 4 tracks by, first, selecting one and enabling it, then shift-click select the second one, enable it AND play a note, and so on. The record icon turns pink when I enable the track, then red-ready when I play a note.


So looks like I found a way, though that seems strange to me and I don't understand the logic of it—pun intended ! I never had this issue before. But then, I never use that many software instruments all at once.

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