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External instrument midi CC as track automation


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I just bought a Novation Bass Station 2 and I'm trying to automate it. I'm using External Instrument for this.

The first thing I tried was what I always did to record automation: I put the track on "latch" and while the project was playing, I moved knobs on the synth. However, nothing happened. It did not record the automation to the track.

So the next thing I did was press "record" and move the knobs: the automation was recorded this time, however, it was recorded as unlabeled MIDI CC messages and not regular automation. I tried to convert the MIDI CC changes into normal automation but nothing happened.

Now I have to edit the automation as MIDI Draw inside the Piano Roll, which sucks. Also, they are all unlabeled. For example, Logic says CC 82 is "General #7" - That's Resonance on the Novation. That makes it even more confusing.

Is there a way to transform these midi cc changes I did into proper track automations so I can see all of them in the track with the regions? Like, just transform CC82 General #7 into a "Resonance" track automation?


Thanks guys

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I was coming to post this same issue ive been having. I have a Novation Launchkey and am trying to use the Mod Wheel to write Automation Data.


Apple has a support page on it here: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH13180?locale=en_US


As far as your first question I found out that Logic needs you to enable host automation from your plugin. For example in omnisphere you open plugin and find parameter you want to automate than your right click on paramter and choose enable host automation. Then in Logic automation parameters(next to read,latch,etc) and now it should not be general numbers but actually say something like Filter for example.


The second part is trickier because you want to use the mod wheel to automate which is a program change number and not midi CC. From what i understand its possible. My issue is that each time I follow Apple's guide to do this it always defaults my mod wheel to control the volume fader and i dont know how to make it see the parameter I have enabled.


Really Logic is a convoluted mess in my opinion. Its great if you have pre recorded tracks. but it fails at midi integration to record tracks.

The crazy part is Apple has Mainstage which does midi and controller integration wonderfully. For the life of me I cant understand why they dont integrate the two DAW's! problem sovled!!!!! I just dont get it. It makes no sense that Apple knows that people need something like Mainstage to map their controllers to plugins but when you go to record and mix using Logic they just assume your controller is mapped! lol. so dumb! aghhh Akai's VIP looked promising to solve this issue but its still feels like beta stages of development.

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