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System Overload message


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I think this one should be the last of my trouble-topics.

Sometimes in playback I get a message that says "System Overload. The audio engine was unable to process all required data in time. You can try increasing the I/O buffer size, change the Multithreading option (...)". But even when choosing a high buffer setting and trying out all combinations of the threading options it keeps coming up sometimes. The CPU and HD meter are far from being maxed out. So it seems to go more "by luck", play the same part a few times until it plays it without the error message and once played without the message usually for the duration of the session it plays fine. Btw, never had any cracks and pops or any other buffering issues in Logic even at low buffer size.


P.S.: May it have to do with the fact that in the project it happens I use a few instances of Serum (which is known to be a CPU abuser)? I don't think tough because my computer shows no other signs of CPU shortage and as said also the meters in Logic do not. Specs of my Computer are in my signature.

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Thanks for the info! I haven't seen this guide but seems to sum up everything. Ialready knew most of it and had things well-configured but I didn't know that I could make the CPU/HD meter bigger and how to read it properly. Haven't analyzed the project where this sometimes happens yet, but I tried to add a Serum on a new project, activated a lot of cpu-heavy things inside it and played big chords and saw that the meter of one CPU core maxed out and slightly cut out. I guess one synth or "process" can't use multiple cores so perhaps when I max one out with something heavy like Serum it may come to a System Overload message. Also I didn't know in the small view that when the white dot appears on the meter it is already 1 core maxed out. I thoight it needs to reach 100% on the meter but perhaps that means all 8 cores maxed out.
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