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Help with movie in Logic?

Ben E

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When I've nudged a movie so that it begins at bar 2 (so that the music starts earlier, at bar 1) the first frame of the move still appears (motionless) throughout bar 1, then when the playhead catches up to the movie region the movie begins playing. Is there a way, in Logic, to make no image appear until the playhead actually makes contact with the movie?
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Thank you, Atlas007. Yes I have. And while that works to move the movie/region the first frame of the movie still appears in the movie screen until the playhead catches up to the movie region. Or, in other words, I can't insert black before the movie region.
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Ok, I think I understand what you are looking for.

I doubt Logic could do same since it is not meant for nor equipped to edit the picture data in a movie file. Which is what you intend to do. Then to add a black picture sequence, you should probably look into some other kind of software, dedicated for that kind of work, such as FinalCutPro or similar ones.

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