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Logic slipping /out of sync?


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I wonder if this is the same issue I mentioned as the metronome slowing down. I thought it was specific to some versions or interfaces, or correctable by clocking from a solid external source, but it's not. And let's be honest here. If we can EVER hear the tempo/metronome falling out of sync, then there are almost certainly "micro-slips" that aren't perceptible at the tempo level. And if that is true, then it's evidence of the clock slipping and jitter, and that would make it impossible to ever produce truly clean sound.


I've also had ghost glitches in playing MP3s on MacOS, which I thought were in the file, but which vanish or happen elsewhere in the file on subsequent playings. That would rather point a finger at MacOS or the hardware itself. I don't really know what's going on, but something is. This particular issue can and should be relatively simple to test on the same hardware under MacOS versus other operating systems.


I know it's sheer heresy to even talk about this, but I doubt this is a hallucination that only haunts a handful of users.

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Sorry for my delayed response.....


The slipping and glitching is happening whenever I move regions, audio or midi but I would say Ive noticed it more with audio.. also when I use the undo command apple Z... obviously this is while I'm playing the project and as you can imagine its very frustrating and now becoming a big problem.


Ive tried trashing preferences and lots of different settings but no joy...


Im also experiencing very high cpu in logic since updating.. logic is sitting around 300% cpu while I have 75% of the computers cpu idle?? so I also have the iMac fan to contend with... this also seems to come on a lot more than before the update??


Im reluctant to go to High Sierra but feeling that might be my only choice??

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These 4 Ghz i7s can handle a lot of spiking load, more than any MacPros, and only a smidge less than a 10 core iMacPro, but about half as much on the track count. Are your projects really heavy, really high in track count?


What do you mean "logic is sitting around 300% CPU"? Where are you seeing that, how could a program be using 3 times the full capacity of the CPU?


You should be able to revert to Sierra, just dupe your boot drive, so it's worth a try. Please do let us know what happens.

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Ive attached some screens shots of logic running and then Idle.... this project is quite heavy on instrument plugins but would run fine before the update..


I know that voxengo span is causing me issues as the cpu doubles whenever I use it but I wasn't using it in these screen shots...


Also safari is causing some issues with pops and clicks if I load it while a project is playing...


Im using 3rd party plugins Arturia and Roland mainly and the track count is about 40.





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