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Score Editor - How do you Beatmap this?

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Attached is a metrically complicated track I have been trying to Beatmap to produce a coherent part and have so far have not succeeded. I am posting it here to see if any reckons it is possible. I think we may be at the limit of what Logic can Beatmap... because the track moves between 5/4- 3/4 - 4/4 and 3/8 - 5/8 and I dont seem to be able to produce a coherent beatmap that fits with both time signatures.


I have divided the Regions up into sections and along with Markers I have clearly delineated what I hear is the 'metric map' of the track.


It begins with a bar of 5/4 ( you can hear the drummer count the first few beats in) and then there is a bar of 3/8 to lead into the Main theme A ( which is 8 bars of 5/8)

This 8 bar pattern repeats ( A 2 A 3 ) as follows:



Then there is a 3/4 Bar which leads into two similar 4/4 sections of 4 Bars and then 3 Bars before another transitional 3/8 bar leads back into 5/8 sections:


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