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Samples changing pitch when imported from external drive


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I am using 10.4 and when I am auditioning samples in a specific key in the file browser, everything sounds in key.


When I import these in to Logic, they change pitch and sound out of tune.


I have enabled the new feature to newly imported audio files that matches the tempo of the project but I don’t want the samples to change pitch.


Is there something I’m missing in the settings that will stop this happening and keep the samples at their original pitch, regardless of tempo?

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I don’t believe any flex is on. I have attached 2 photos. The sample I have loaded is in A minor and goes out of key when I drag it in to Logic.


Interestingly, when I transpose it down 3 semitones, it goes back in key so is this something to do with the second photo which says my project is in Cmaj? A minor is 3 semitones down from Cmaj so that would make sense?



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