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Automation problem from recent small update

Go to solution Solved by David Nahmani,

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One of the best time saving features for me in the recent big update was an automation feature .

When you opened up automation and touched any parameter on any plug in the automation would automatically change to that parameter a bit like “latch” but unlike “latch” it doesn’t write any automaton changes when you touched the parameter . It made using automaton so quick with out the risk of error .

However since the recent smaller update this feature seems to have disappeared?

I am also experiencing problems with my curser arrow becoming a small dot on when hovering a over automation . You have to move the mouse around to get the arrow back .

I have spoken to several colleagues and the are also upset that this autmation feature has disappeared. Can anyone help please ?

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It's the name of the menu. Top of your screen. I was typing from memory, the actual name is:


Mix > Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode.



Since the small bug update from 10.4.0 > 10.4.1 Mine (and many others of my colleagues) did the same, it appears to turn this feature off on the update.

The original 10.4.0 update it was automatically on, so many were baffled where this feature lived or even what it was called, hence not knowing where to look for it or key words to actually search for.


Thanks David, a scratch that needed itching!

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