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Is midi clock carried on every midi channel simultaneously?


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I want Logic’s midi clock to send out of Logic via my FF400 on all midi channels and midi ports simultaneously - is this what happens naturally?


Also, assuming I have to Receive On and Send Out on the same Midi channel per external midi hardware sound source to be able to record it and play it on the corresponding Logic Midi track on Rrange Page, what stops the midi clock looping back around and messing up midi clock timings for that track?


Your wisdom appreciated please...

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I have to dust the cobwebs from the corners of my head for this but midi clock is a system realtime message and has no channel. It transmits to every device on that port -those devices that don't need clock data ignore it. In Logic you can select different ports to transmit midi clock, this is done in Project Settings > Synchronisation.



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Hi. Thanks for your answers there. I forgot to mention that I am using a Midi Patchbay to merge several incoming midi channels to one outgoing midi channel just to be able to get them all into Logic via my midi interface- albeit through just one Midi in Port #1. Post-Logic that same midi interface (via Midi Out Port #1) sends all midi back through the patchbay . Two questions: 1) will incoming midi clock to the patchbay from Logic (as master clock) loop back though and replicate in a bad way on exiting the patchbay on the way back into Logic? (2) the patchbay Manual states that any midi clock incoming to the phycsical Input channels of the Patchbay will exit on all physical exit channels of the patchbay - so will this also mess the clock up in the system through generating and sending multiple instances of midi clock to Logic (and so on).


Final question - If I don’t press Stop soon on this midi system could it in fact create a ‘singularity’ and suck the Earth into a different dimension altogether where midi has not yet been invented? If so count me in!

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