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Midi Timeout


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Hi there !


I'm having a problem using Logic in a specific project, I'm receiving this alert :

"Logic Pro X has detected a MIDI timeout. Please restart your computer, then relaunch Logic Pro X.

If the problem persists, update the drivers of all connected MIDI devices (including audio drivers with MIDI functionality) to the latest version. For instructions on removing older drivers, consult the manufacturers' documentation."


I've gone in both users and root's folders for midi drivers and they're empty.

This can't be linked to the midi keyboards right ? Is a driver something you instal with for example a keyboard or midi controller? I never installed anything with my keyboards anyhow.


My other Logic projects seem to be working fine, so this problem seems specific to this one. The only unique things about this project, is that I twiddled the Kontakt a little to alleviate ram mostly, by reseting all markers and updating sample pools, and deleting everything in the database (but the latter would effect all projects not just this one).


Does this have anything to do with the Kontakt version I'm using? I'm on a cracked version of 5.6.5 and the latest right now is 5.7.3 I believe.



Thank you so much for you help!

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Hey! You mean because the people creating the softs put so much work into it and it should be rewarded? Because I’ve really considered buying some of those libraries with Kontakt, but I just don’t have the money.. i’m really looking forward to getting on the right side of this problem ASAP though.
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That, and the fact that there is usually "no free lunch".

Often, "cracked" softwares hide hazardous code lines... which soon or later will at best hinder your work/effort/creativity/inspiration/time.

You are saving on money on short term, but in the end, the price you'll pay will be hefty, and not necessarily counted in "bucks"...

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