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Midi without sound

Daniele Bozzetti
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Hi guys,


I'm new here so bear with me. I have a question about the midi in logic. I've never had this problem until yesterday. Whenever i play the instrument on the midi track i can hear the sounds of my selected vst. However, when i record it and play it back there is no sound . I do see little black lines in the midi. i don't know if that has something to do with it. It just doesn't play my midi recorded notes back and they are right there with no sound. How come?

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I understand, that sound logical. Logic x right... For a reason but sometimes it just doesn't make any sense. Going wild over a little problem that takes you days to figure out. I'm so happy i have found this forum.

Thanks Again.


Tho i have a really important question. For the last 2 months i have been going back and forth with 3 different Daws to find the best workflow. Logic seems to be perfect except for the fact that creating drums is a pain in the ass. The drum racks in ableton are amazing but the mixing is terrible. If logic could make just a plugin like Impulse that is very low on cpu would create magic. I'm no a fan of routing every drum to a channel sinds you can't create fast within a pattern where u see your drums. Yet i have finally found a workflow with this.

Machine micro and Logic are the perfect match. But only if i mix the drums within machine itself so u can drag every pattern of machine into Logic itself and create drum patterns in logic too. This gives an amazing workflow since u can use all the banks in machine and mix every drum individually which is very important to me so i can stack sounds and mix it separately. Tho.. the question arises.. I haven't made any big project yet with this workflow. So my question to you.. Is mixing into machine going to be a problem when i have to export everything for the actual mix or anything i'm overseeing before i start making music this way.. I've been struggling with this problem for years and i just don't like logic's way of making drum patterns. Fl studio, bitwig, ableton is so fast with those things and if this machine workflow can work i am saved from this struggle.


Sorry for the long message, i had to ask..

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