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Keys from one instrument and Modulation from Another


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Hi all! First time posting!


I have a Casio CGP-700 with a fantastic keyboard. I bought it knowing it had MIDI out via USB but underestimated the value of a modulation wheel which it regrettably does NOT have. Is it possible for me to buy a cheap controller, like a 25 key M-Audio, or even a Korg NanoControl and use THAT strictly for the CC 11 (expression), while continuing to use the Casio for playing? I suspect I can do something with the Environment, but it all seems kind of complex.


If it all gets too complicated, I may have to buy a new keyboard even though I love the Casio and it's awesome keyboard!




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If you connect your second controller (Korg/M-Audio) to your computer via USB you should be good to go if using Logic's stock plugins.

Also to be aware of, in case you are using some 3rd party plugins, woud be to set the MIDI channels correspondance.

As hinted by Eric, no need to go in the Environment at all...

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