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Problem with built in microphone


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I want to be able to use the built in microphone to record in logic on the fly, incase i need to get quick ideas down while im working on a project and don't want to be setting up the microphone.


I know i can do it, ive done it before, everything seems to be set but nothing is working.


got the audio settings under preferences on built in settings, so the built in mic and built in output, i have core audio enabled.


I have the audio track set to the relevant input, plus i have put inspector on to get a signal. ive tried with record ready on the channel, and even tried recording, just to see if it was the inspector that wasn't picking anything up.


As far as i am aware, i have everything set to be working.


WHY ISNT LOGIC PICKING ANYTHING UP?????? i have done it before without a problem.



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Hi, do you have anything plugged into your headphone *out*?


Unfortunately, since retina macbooks, this disabled the internal microphone. I do not understand it nor will I ever. I can't use mine at all as I have an ik iloud pluged via minijack into the macbook out.


I have tested my sisters newer macbook and it's exactly the same.


It's a very, very silly design flaw in my opinion.. I mean people want to use headphones and the mic, why wouldn't they?


Logic and other DAW"s will still see it as the internal microphone.. but if you look in your system preferences, it it changes to external microphone once the headphones port is occupied.


This really sounds like what is happening.. Let me know

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