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Is the External Instrument Plug-In the answer to recording audio with midi?


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I found an article on 9 to 5 Mac that asserts the following is the alternative to creating two separate recording tracks (one Audio, one midi) to capture audio from an external midi instrument. Has anyone tried this and is it a better alternative to the above?


“Ok, so we have an external synthesizer or instrument, but how do we get it to work with our Logic studio without the need for multiple tracks? The goal here is to integrate our external gear with LPX just like any another plug-in in our library. To get our MIDI parts (recorded or live) out to our external synth and then the resulting audio back into our song we would need a MIDI track, an audio track destination and all of the corresponding routing setup manually. Wrong. that isn’t necessarily the case as LPX has us covered with its External instrument plug-in option. This will essentially create a hybrid audio/MIDI track, not unlike a typical Software Instrument track, except the MIDI that resides (or gets recorded) on that track will be fired out to your external gear and the resulting audio routed directly back to the same track…”



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I followed the External Instrument PlugIn instructions in on my LP9 but sadly it has not worked. It records midi information to the new Track but will not play back the midi instrument (Moog Voyager) nor has it recorded audio anywhere! The instructions did not say where exactly the recorded audio recording would appear or be recorded too though! The Moog is set up to receive and send on Midi Channel 2 and records/plays-back just fine on a standard Midi track My Fireface Audio inputs are 3+4 (and work perfectly well on standard audio tracks I set up).


So, I don't know what is going here as it doesn't make sense to me that audio will appear anywhere, given I have not set up an audio track. The fact that Midi information is recorded to the Track surely confirms this? I just don't get how audio will be recorded in this situation - how could it be and where will it appear in the Arrange window? Boy, this is frustrating. Two articles described just how easy this was and yet I am failing to get it to work. I have assume one of two things - either I have misinterpreted the instructions (please can you look at the screen grab I have included here), and/or this External Instrument PlugIn process does not work on LP9.


Your advice would be appreciated.



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