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Slice at transient markers bug Logic Pro X ver 10.4.1


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Hi I have been using Logic Pro X for many years and over the past eleven years have been advising their tech support team the SPLIT AT TRANSIENT MARKERS does not do this precisely regardless of where the transient markers have been placed.Using the SLICE AT TRANSIENT MARKERS function actually slices a head of the transient markers but you will have to zoom fully into the audio file in the Arrange window to see where indeed the transient markers are and where Logic Pro X has actually sliced them and the bug is still present in their latest update 10.4.1

Maybe you could try this out for yourselves and let the Apple Logic Pro X tech know about this known bug which also affects the accuracy of the CONVERT TO SAMPLER TRACK in a similar way.

Please let me know how you get on with this problem.

Please follow these instructions to replicate the issue :


1 / Create a project and call it TRANSIENT MARKERS.

2 / Add a Logic Pro X EX24 plugin instrument and choose a 909 drum kit.

3 / Record a 909 kick on the main beats : Kick on beat one, beat two ,beat 3 and beat four.

Screen shot example 1


4 / Render the above midi example to audio by utilising BOUNCE IN PLACE and select OK.

5 / In the Sample Editor goto VIEW and turn off the SNAP EDITS TO ZERO CROSSINGS.

6 / In the Sample Editor click on the TRANSIENT EDITING MODE BUTTON to automatically place markers close to the beginning of each kick.

Now zoom fully into each kick with the view set to BARS/BEATS and SHOW SAMPLE AND HOLD and manually move each marker as close as possible to the top of the first peak at the beginning of each kick and then goto AUDIO FILE and select UPDATE FILE INFORMATION to burn in the locations of all markers and return to the Arrange window.

Screen shot example 2


6 / In the Arrange window turn on the SHOW/HIDE FLEX BUTTON which is situated to the right of the VIEW PANE and set the audio track to FLEX MODE : SLICING

In the Arrange window select the audio file and fully zoom in and take notice of where the transient markers are.

Screen shot example 3


Now perform the key command : Slice at transient markers and you will probably see the new slices are not at the transient positions you created.

Screen shot example 4


Please try this out for yourselves and report this well know bug to the Logic Pro X team and they will hopefully escalate it to the software engineers.

Thanks for looking - Peace





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