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HELP with Vocal Stereo Issue


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Hi, I'm currently almost finished making my first album. I'm using the blue yeti pro for my vocals (because I don't have enough money for better gear).

On most of my songs I recorded my vocals properly to a mono channel track. However I just realised now on a few songs I must have accidentally recorded vocals to a stereo channel.

So I bounced part of the stereo vocal and went into audacity and imported it in, I then spit the stereo track and inverted the right channel, most of the audio disappeared, which made me think the vocal might not have been recording in real stereo as I am only using one mic.


What should I do ?


A) leave it alone (because when I run a meter in logic there is no phase cancellation) and the stereo track shows the L and R channels to be exactly even, so it sounds like a mono vocal track anyway)

B) Bounce all the vocals, remove one of the L R channels and then import the vocal as mono


Also Is there an easy way for me to spit the stereo file without bouncing it as two spit files ??

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