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Ultrabeat Samples 'No Audio File Selected'


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Firstly I do apologise as this question is related Logic Express 8, however I have had absolutely naught luck in finding anything even remotely related to the issue at hand, nor any specific Logic Express forum whereby I could ask the following; further, it occured after upgrading to Logic Pro X, and, ultimately, you mateys have the undisputed knowledge regarding Logic in general, so here we are.


Basically, I recently bought and installed Logic Pro X, and, after doing so, realised my old 2009 iMac could not remotely handle the functional requirements; thereafter, in short, making me purchase a new one that could.


Once bought, I restored a time machine backup of my old machine onto the new one and, once having re-registered all VSTs etc, then realised that Logic Pro X doesn't run 32bit applications, so reverted to Logic Express to continue working on projects dependant on said VSTs, to find the following:


When I open any project that uses custom audio samples in Ultrabeat, I get an error window appear stating 'No Audio File Selected', prompting me to locate said audio file--


..issue being it doesn’t specify which file, i.e a particular sample -which has happened to me before when I had to move the location of the sample folder, however in that case I could simply find the samples in question and select them- and only occurs once, as in if i cancel, it simply loads logic, so doesn’t seem to be attempting to locate the individual audio files themselves, if that makes sense.


So to conclude, was just wandering if anybody has experienced this or anything similar before, & how to rectify, because as it stands I've lost about 8 years worth of projects and if I've done the naughty and corrupted them irrevocably I will literally cry.


Again forgive the off topic, this is genuinely a last resort.


Much obliged

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In the current and previous versions of Logic there's an option to copy EXS/Ultrabeat samples into your project folder - assuming you still have access to your old machine, I'd go back and resave your projects like that and transfer them again. I'm assuming that option exists in Logic Express 8 though, but it seems likely to me. The samples would be easy to locate in your project folder, if that's the case.

Failing that, you could bounce your Ultrabeat track(s) to audio and save the project like that, which is probably not ideal, but it's there anyway.

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Yeah I have all of the projects on the new machine due to the restore and there is said option in Logic Pro if I import the old projects, problem being the VST doesn't work due to being 32bit, so it's a complete dichotomy as I can open them in Pro X and get the Ultrabeat samples but no actual music, whereas on the other hand being able to open them in Logic Express and get the VST music but no drums.


Could go back and do the suggested bounce of ultrabeat track as audio on the old machine, would take an absurd amount time but if it's the only option I'll 100% do it, cheers brother

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