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Plugins not working on some aux busses


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Hi all


Logic Pro X 10.4.1


For some reason on some busses, the plugins are not working properly. They're blue on the channel strip - not "Greyed Out" - however the effects aren't audible, within the plugin GUI the parameters are unchangeable and the plugin bypass button is kind of half "greyed out" as you can see in the attached photo


This is only the case on some busses. Not all


Does anyone know why this is?




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Yup I too have experienced this problem ever since 10.4. It seems to be random when it does happen. The "fix" that I found is to delete the aux track that isn't working and create a new aux track, reinsert the plugin and everything is back to normal. It has to be a bug but not sure if it's a plugin problem or something else. Ive had this problem with 3rd party plugins as well.
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Definitely not fixed - getting it for the first time today. Delete and recreate the AUX channel is the only fix we know of so far?



very strange - deleting and redefing didn't fix it, so I created the 'next' incremental AUX channel and stock plugins seem to be ok.

Damn, what a crappy problem

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