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A New Hide Button


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No such hide button exists.


Here is the next best thing: shrink the track height as much as Logic will allow, then enable "Zoom Focused Track." Whichever track you select will enlarge, and the others will be but mere insects compared to Goliath.


Remember that the size of the zoomed track can also be adjusted to make the height difference much greater than the example below. On a 27 inch monitor, I can increase the size of the zoomed track to six and a quarter inches. The other unzoomed tracks can be shrunk to one eighth of an inch.




You could also make a group of all the tracks you don't want to see, enable Hide Track in the Group settings, and select / deselect the whole group by clicking "H" in any track in the group. The Hide Track key command would then toggle the appearance of all tracks you want to hide.

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