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Easist Parallel Channel?

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If you are talking about parallel channels for parallel processing then the easiest way would be to just use sends.

Or you could have your destination track (audio or virtual instrument) output to a bus. Then create as many aux tracks as you want parallel channels and set the input to the same bus that your destination track is outputting to. There will be no latency between channels (other than the potential latency created by plugins on the various channels), and you don't have to copy any regions.


Note of caution: I just tested out the latter method since that is not how I typically work, and it worked well at first but when I started panning and adding effects to the various aux channels(I created 3), I started getting a ton of distortion for no reason. In theory this method should work with no problem so that must've been some sort of buggy behavior. I will have to test further.

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