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Turn Off MIDI input to Drummer


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Hi, I'd appreciate help with this. A very long term DP and PT user, applications I know well, trying to dig into Logic Pro X.


When I choose the "Songwriter" template, "Kyle" the drummer comes up with a pattern. Also, a nice Steinway patch. So far so good.


But when I record enable the Steinway and play my USB/MIDI keyboard, the notes I hit play the piano . . but trigger the drums as well! With a normal track, I would just take the drums out of record, or turn the MIDI input off on the drum track. But the drummer track has neither. Muting the drummer cures it, but of course, then I can't hear the pattern while I play.


So how do I stop Drummer from responding to MIDI I'm playing for the piano track?


Am I the only one who has this issue? I can't find anything about it anywhere. And it's just a very normal function . . . I'm assuming it's something incredibly obvious that I'm just missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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