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System overload message. Soon gig. Please help!


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Just got a new MacBook Pro (mid 2015, i7, 2,8 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD) and directly took my latest Carbon Copy Cloner backup from my other MBP, that's essentially the same computer, mid 2015, just with a 2,2 Ghz i7 instead and half the SSD. I'm starting to get these "System Overload" messages, though I can see that MainStage in has dropped 10 % in CPU use since I switched computer, from 30% to 20%. I have to point out that that is when I'm not playing on any instrument in MainStage. With the 2,2 Ghz I had before, these messages never popped up. What's wrong? The only "major" difference with the project now is a Guitar Rig plugin. I've also mapped some buttons and MIDI keyboard.

I need to get this fixed instantly because live shows are coming next week, so any help would be great!


Is should point out that while writing on the same computer, the project sits in the background and give me these messages. I haven't connected my Apogee Duet and Jam, they are made in to an aggregate device to get more inputs. Could it be that they are not connected right now that this happens?


These are the messages I'm getting so far.


When I start the project:




I get an overall message:




And one concerning Arturias Jupiter 8V, that I know can drain a lot of power. However, this didn't show up before anyway:







I also get this when starting the project. The problem is that Jam doesn't have any outs. However, as soon as I set the I/O's right in MainStage before starting a project, when closing and starting MS, this message goes away:




This is what my CPU and Memory looks liks when I'm doing nothing just having the project loaded.






I should also say that these System Overload messages doesn't seem to pop up when I have my aggregate device properly connected. Could that be it?




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I could be wrong but I don’t think you’re supposed to use a carbon copy backup to move to a new and different Mac model. You have to “migrate”. If it were me I’d just install OS X clean on the new machine and install everything from scratch.


Yeah. Well, that’s the recommendation I got from a system technician to be safe. I have a few days to reinstall everything if I seem to need it. Thanks!

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