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Flatten and Merge problem with 10.4.1


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This is bizarre to me. I am running Logic Pro 10.4.1 with High Sierra 10.13.4 and having an issues with flattening and merging takes that I’ve never seen before.


1)Like always, recording over a take starts creating a comp folder

2) After editing takes, clicking on flatten and merge prompts a new dialogue "Mixdown of Audio Regions" . The options are Mono or Stereo. In this case it's a mono track. I click mono.

3) The newly flattened and merged track has visually smaller waveforms and plays back a whole 10 LUFS quieter than the source material was recorded at/played back at before the merger.


This messing up my gain staging, not to mention Furthermore if I repeat the process: treating the merged take as take one > recording another take over it > comping those 2 takes > flatten and merge. Both takes gets knocked down in volume, but the original take get knocked down even more so compared to the newer one. Even though I've done nothing to change my gain staging the two takes merged together now sound as if they were recorded with entirely different preamp gain.

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LP 10.4.1 on Sierra 10.12.6

Not getting that here. Specifically, not getting step 2 dialogue. Clicking on Flatten & Merge gives me a new flattened and merged track with no volume difference to previous recordings. That is to say it works as expected.


Just a thought but are you working with track stacks or sub mixing to a bus? The "Mixdown of Audio Regions" dialogue makes me think that there is some kind of sub mixing going on. I did not test for that.



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Sorry for the late reply, the email notification went to my junk mail :( Not working with track stacks or a submix in this instance. So it just seems to be a bug for me. Although upon further inspection, it only happen in this certain project. Works fine in a brand new project. The other workaround for me was to not merge and just bounce by comp in place
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