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Tempo recording

Jonas W

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Before latest version of Logic X with the new KEEP / ADAPT / AUTO tempo options I was able to realtime-record tempo changes while dragging mouse up and down at the tempo digits in the control bar. It doesn't seem to work anymore. I record a lot of piano and the ability to modify and record tempo in review is paramount to me. I have ensured that "allow tempo change recording" is checked in the recording settings for project but it doesn't help. The workaround would be to create a tempo-fader in the environment and assign a controller to that but the ability to change it with mouse while recording is nice. Btw. you can change the tempo while playing the piece but not in recording mode..


Is this change intended or have I missed some settings somewhere?

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You can use the Tempo fader (New > Fader > Special > Tempo, then cable it into the seq input in the click and ports layer) to record your tempo changes that way.


Hello David,


But that Tempo Fader only bottoms out at 50 bpm. What if I need to add rubato to a piano piece that requires the bpm to be in the 30's? Is there any way to adjust the values?




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