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Logic Pro X Automation Snapping behavior driving me crazy, please help


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Hello dear fellow LP users,


After few years out of Logic land after using L9 and switched to other daw, I am trying to get back to LPX (10.4.x) but this particular problem is driving me crazy.

I want to draw straight line ramp down, but I cannot succeed it no matter what. Sometimes it does work, but most of the times it's struggle. I other DAWs it's piece of cake as snapping is working properly (Cubase, Studio One, Live 10). No matter which snapping resolution I set it's the same, really unreliable.

Can I do something about this or I need to use Marquee tool to create ramp every time ?


Thanks :)


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Thank you for quick reply, David... I was afraid that you will mention disable snapping...

I've tried that before, and while it helps somewhat, it takes my time and nerves differently - I have to be very careful with other, bottom node, in order to be perfectly aligned with grid (which is much easier with snapping function) otherwise I won't have straight ramp again because top node will cancel bottom one if I move it too much to the left, really annoying, I'm afraid.

So far, the best solution is to draw range with marquee tool where whole automation part will happen and then move whole line up or down as shown in video, it's not perfect, but I was hoping there is solution for buggy snapping.


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Also, I think S1 nailed this when it comes to automation drawing behavior (without even mentioning transform tool creative capabilities).

It's so easy and convenient to draw automation points freely or with snapping, it's very reliable and it works smooth and easy (attached video has slow frame-rate).

Apple should take notes from Presonus about this, especially possibilities with transform tool, I am surprised Apple still didn't do anything similar like it, Cubase already have similar behavior.


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