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Keyboard trick in Alchemy. Anyone?


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So here's what I'm trying to do:

1 - Make all keys play the same note (this is easy, I just need to set the Keyscale to OFF). Done!

2 - I want to have each octave on the keyboard have its own "rate".


Let me explain what I'm trying to achieve:

I have this plugin called The Riser. Basically each octave has a value attached to it so for example C1-B1 creates a riser (or fall) that's 1 bar long, C2-B2 is 1/2 bar long, etc.

Now I'm trying to recreate this with Alchemy. I did it in the past by assigning each Performer screenshot to a different rate (each screenshot was a separate MSEG), but that means that every time I want a different curve, I need to change 8 MSEGs, which is not ideal.


I want to be able to use the MSEG as my curve, because it's more creative with all the dots. I just need to find a way to set each octave to a rate. I was thinking that the MODMAP would be a way to have each octave assigned to the rate, but still haven't figured it out.


Let's all think of a smart way to do it?! It's like a challenge hahaha

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