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Logic Pro Control Surface

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Hi guys,


Does anyone know of a good control surface/mixing console for logic pro.


Currently I use a MIDAS venice F32. It's great, has decent converters and good pre's however, recall from project to project is a complete nightmare. I am looking to start saving to upgrade to some really high-end AD/DA conversion and would like a good logic control surface to match.


I've looked around the net and there doesn't seem to be much about for logic. Every control surface that looks half-decent seems to be Pro tools only. What I'm looking for is something like the Avid C24 Controller. Basically the main requirements are nice big meters for channels, a good digital scribble strip and big, smooth faders. Oh and as many rotaries as possible, I hate flicking through banks - it should ideally have enough to do panning and a few sends on each channel. The more I can see on the desk in one go the better.

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£15,000 is well out of my budget!! That sort of money doesn't even exist does it? ;) As for the nucleus, it looks tiny, very small level meters on the channels - it looks ok but you don't get much for close to £4,000 do you? Granted it's SSL quality gear but ideally I'm looking for something a bit cheaper consdiering i'd need a/d conversion and preamps on top of that. I'm bound to get slated for this but I think the SSL suff is a bit of a rip-off price-wise.


Are they really the only options? I guess something a little more up market than a Qcon pro but not as expensive as an SSL? Yes I'm kind of looking for a desk-format which is what looked good about the control 24.

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i think best control Logic Pro Remote + Ipad Pro v2 these two meet all the needs


I had a go on someones iPad mixing at a gig. It was good for a live show cos I could walk around but I'd hate to do a proper mix down in the studio without anything physical to touch (would be good for tracking though I guess). Might as well use the trackpad. I don't already have an iPad either. Wasn't planning on ever getting one. I've got a MacBook pro I can remote to the desktop computer...


The whole point really is I want real physical things to touch. Ideally for everything but especially the faders! And have it all motorised, thats one of the biggest problems with the analogue desk, no recall....


Anyone whose read Mike Starvous "mixing with the mind" will know what I'm on about :) when I say good ergonomics is vital.

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