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I have a question about using Articulation Map.


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Good morning


I have a question about the articulation feature.

I would like to use articulation in an external MIDI track

I can not use it.

Is this a bug?


I did some testing.

You can use articulation in the instrument track

However, articulation is not available for external MIDI tracks.


I attached the result as a photograph below.

(Current version of Logic Pro v10.4.1)


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I would like to use articulation in an external MIDI track

Is there a way?

Apparently as you've found out there's currently no way to access articulation parameters on external MIDI Tracks when the MIDI Channel is set to "All".

Is this a bug?

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I apologize for not looking at the post more carefully earlier to see that its a VEPro multi port setup you're trying to use, which means you need to use the multi-instrument object and my other suggestion about external inst is useless suggestion. You might be able to use a non-multi inst object but you'd have to rewire the VEP multi port environment stuff.


I don't think this is a bug, its just designed this way. I think when you change the midi channel to ALL, then the inspector is showing attributes of the multi-instrument that apply to the object in general across all channels. That object does not let you assign an articulation set to the entire object across all channels, you assign certain parameters, including articulation set, to each channel inside there.


If we look at the object in the environment with channel 1 selected:




Now click on the little title bar of the multi-instrument object to deselect channel 1, and the inspector shows attributes of the multi-instrument object that are global across all channels...and articulation set is not one of them.




But why are you trying to change the midi channel to ALL there?

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if you really need to have multi channels coming from a track into VEP multi port... try this...


create an instrument object in the environment and cable it into the transformer that handles the port you need it on...




that appears to allow you to set midi channel to ALL and have an articulation set for it, and might work with VEP multi port, I didn't try it....

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Why set the MIDI channel to all?

If set to 1 ~ 16, articulation can not be used.

If you search YouTube, you can see how to use articulation in logic.

They all use the MIDI channel set to all.




I tried to test it because you gave it to me.

Unfortunately, we did not succeed.


***Using articulation in Logic***



I will attach a photo of my VEP tempalte.


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