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faderport on 10.4.1 problem


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Hi folks.

Have been on to presonus and they've sort of give me brush off, anyone help?

I updated to 10.4.1 and since then my faderport fader isn't working properly, it sits at the bottom just jittering away when i move a fader in logic. If i move the faderport fader logic follows but when i let go FP fader jumps back, again unless i hold it for a second or so, then it will hold its position until but weirdly if i adjust something in the arrange window inspector say 'transpose' i jumps back to bottom.

Heres where someone may know whats happening. I doesn't have any problems if i use it on a external midi track, only on audio or software instrument track.

I went back to el capitan with a 10.3 Logic on and the problem was there too. The problem doesn't occur in clean install of High Sierra with no migration, I'm trying to stay on Sierra.

Here's a dropbox link of problem https://www.dropbox.com/s/3b1pzvdbyd951kv/IMG_7545.m4v?dl=0

Any help would be great Thanks Ronny

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I have had faderport for a month know and the version of logic and OS X you do. I have not see this problem.

I have however, used an Avid controller, and Slate, and Tascam, and I had an outboard Korg Karma I used to trigger synth and organ patches, it would output timing data constantly and the effect was as you described. When I finally narrowed it down, first I filtered it at Logic, but it was still getting through, I had to go into the synth and disable MTC it was putting out and the problem disappeared. Good luck and post your solution, others see this too

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Ok I just watched your video, I would get a witch doctor or priest and perform and have some ritual done over this thing.... mine jiggled like that with no touching.... it just jiggled, your faderport is a different version than mine,

witch doctor, medicine doctor, xanax... something is feeding it signal... does anything show in the event window if you just hit record and let it have a fit?

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Hello, all sorted.

if you're interested i dug into the High sierra version that worked and had a look at the controller assignments (expert view) and compared it with the broken Sierra one, there was quit a few duplicates of Faderport instances in Sierra version Zone column? so deleted them and just left one faderport instance and fader is now working.

In the High sierra and sierra control setup pages, the 'fader bank for track view and fader bank for all view values differ?

but as i said I'm working ok now.

thanks for your time. Ronny.

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