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Logic - Tech Issues


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Hey David,


I purchased your Kindle edition of your book, Logic Pro X 10.3 - Apple Pro Training Series: Professional Music Production Kindle Edition

by David Nahmani (Author). I went through all of it and did all of the exercises in depth. It's a super guide, thx you for putting it out.


I updated to a new iMac and am having all kinds of problems even since. I am trying to do many of the same things you teach that worked with my MacBook Pro but aren't working now. Is it possible that moving Logic 10.4.1 from Time Machine could've corrupted it? If so, how do I fix it? Can I uninstall and re-install Logic? Do you think that may solve the issues? Have you come across similar issues? My iMac is performing all other apps and functions flawlessly so I don't think it's my machine.



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When I quick comp I have to run over the area several times or else it jumps to different take.


The Fade Tool isn't working.


Flex Time isn't working. I follow your guide directions but it doesn't work.


I still have the takes in the folder with the disclosure triangle closed. I haven't flattened the track. Does that matter?



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Yes, it does matter. Fade tool and flex time won't work on a take folder. Flatten the comp or export it to a new track if you want to keep the rest of the takes. Flex and fade should work as expected then.


Not sure what's happening with your quick comps jumping to different takes though. If you have a section of a take as part of a comp and click in the same area on another take the section of the other take becomes part of the comp. It's a feature but it shouldn't happen while you are swiping. Can you provide some more details?



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