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Tempo points vanishing!!!!!!!

jack phillips

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Please help with this!!!


Whenever I record a new audio region some of my tempo markers just vanish


My workaround is to cmd-Z after each thing I record then drag it back in from the bin and spot to source timecode but needless to say it's an awful way to work


I've attached two screenshots before and after a recording so you can see what I mean, watch the tempo map


Many thanks for your help



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It's in KEEP mode, screenshot attached.

I don't see a screenshot, but I'll take your word for it. ;)


I'm a bit worried about upgrading right in the middle of a project, is it safe?

Yes, but make sure you make a backup of 10.4 first, just in case. So in the Finder, open you Applications folder, control-click Logic Pro X, choose Duplicate, and rename the copy "Logic Pro X 10.4". Now update. Only the original LPX app is updated, and you have a copy of 10.4 should things go wrong.

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Hi David


Sorry for all the messages. I've just realised I'm actually already on 10.4.1 it must have updated automatically. Could this be the problem? My project is also running really slowly now although I don't have that many plugins/tracks. Far less than on previous projects which have been absolutely fine

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