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pickup measure and stim?

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Hello, I'm trying to migrate from MuseScore to Logic, and have run into some questions. Any help would be appreciated!


Please see the attached picture for reference.




Q. 1. The little bracket to the left of the first note, and in between the chords G & Am (I think are called "stim") are often used in hymnals to indicate the portion to be played as an introduction. Is there a way to do this in Logic? The picture was taken from a file created with MuseScore.


Q. 2. Note that while the song is in 4/4, the very first measure is a pickup measure with only 1/4 displayed. The very last measure of the song (not pictured) has actually 3/4 displayed. This is a very common occurrence in hymnals. How would I do this in Logic?

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Thanks again for the Bravura font tip. I've looked up the characters in the MacOS Font Book, and managed to add the two stimme characters to the Favorites in Emoji & Symbols Character Viewer. But in the Character Viewer these two symbols don't display correctly, and show up as blank squares. I tried adding keyboard shortcut inside System Preferences, but when I paste in these symbols, they show up as Chinese characters. There's got to be an easier way to view and enter these symbols. How do you do it? Thanks.
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