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Logic's Articulation Sets


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How do I activate an articulation set on a track? I've set up an articulation set for my Solo Violin instrument, which normally uses key switches. There should be a little box in the piano roll where I can choose an articulation along with the little box for region/track MIDI automation parameters. No such box appears. the last time this happened, I solved it by pushing out the borders of the piano roll window. That didn't work this time. One article says that you need to have "articulation sets" active on the track. I don't know how to accomplish that. (Also, I'm finding no "articulation" column in the event list).
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Here's the Event list (no articulation column)

Check in the local (Event List editor) View menu to enable the ArtID display.

I think (?) you have to do the same in the Piano roll.

Also I think (?) that at least one note event ArtID has to be set to another value than zero (blank, no articulation)...

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I’m not sure what you read about “selecting” the articulation set but if you have one specified in the track inspector then you have one active. One needs to be active in order to see the articulation control on the plugin window


Regarding the piano roll, the picture you posted shows the articulation control on the piano roll object inspector. So I don’t understand the confusion there.


The event list view menu is a different view menu then you’re trying to just. On the actual event list near the top of it you will see some local menus that are related only to the event list. Use the view menu there.

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"... (solo violin). How do I 'select' it?"


It is selected. You've done it correctly.


"Here's the Event list with the "view" menu showing."


I believe that's the Piano Roll's View menu. [As Atlas just noted.]


For the Event List, this should work.




In Piano Roll, there is no View menu item for ArtID. It is visible depending on the height of the entire window in relation to the Track Automation height.



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Anybody using Omnisphere 2 and there "Stack" or "Live Mode". I can switch articulations via keyboard and Pencil in Key switching notes in Piano View but Articulation Sets No Go! It must be the setup? Any advice would be welcomed thanks

Could you please elaborate on what exactly you wish to achieve by using ArtID with Omnisphere?

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I was trying to switch articulations in Omnisphere 2 both in "Live mode and Multi or Stack Mode" if you know Omnisphere? I had made a Logic Articulation set for the various parts in Omnisphere but it was not working. "WHY". I had to change the Key Range in Omnisphere Live Mode settings from C4 to C3 and all seems well. Thank you for your reply
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