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Can't open, drag, or inspect midi regions-bug?


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The midi regions in the attached logic file are not behaving-not only can I not open the midi file in piano roll, but the region is not clickable as per usual, and i cannot drag it around in the track either. I can expand the midi take folder but i cannot select an alternate take. The midi is there but is inaccessible. The regions appear to be corrupted. I have tried opening another track, exporting the midi file, and re-importing it but that did not work.


Attached is the midi files...


I am running mac sierra 10.12.5 and logic pro 10.2.4


I am curious if the files and project will behave on someone elses computer...

verse stack all takes.mid

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Hi David thanks for the reply. How do I attach a logic file? Initially i tried to do that but even a project with one midi track was to large, or thats the message i got.

I was actually able to edit the midi when imported into a new project, so maybe the problem is with the logic project specifically....

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