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Realtime Clip FX


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I would like to that Features for Logic Pro (realtime selection-based processing / not render)

Realtime Clip FX (insert-aux-eq-gain-notpad-fades-t/s-pitch-volume-pan)


from samplitude pro

From what I see in your animated gif, I understand that you would like Logic to switch automatically to the plugin involved in the selected track/region.

If that is the case, then try enabling the plugin Link feature with the dedicated button, as explained in the Link or un-link the plugin windows topic.

In order to make it work, as demonstrated in your animated gift, you have to ensure that the same plugin type is instantiated in the same slot order. Also to make it switch by selecting/clicking on a region, you would have to enable the “Select regions on track selection” in the Preferences/General/Editing.

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