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Using Logic with Pages to Transcribe - Window Resize Issue

Music Spirit

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I am trying to write in Pages while at the same time keeping the smallest possible Logic window open so that I can click from one Application to the other without the windows overlapping...


All on a 13 inch MBPro


Windows overlapping is extremely frustrating as you can imagine because it it keeps disturbing the eye and the screen has to redraw etc when changing activities from Logic to Pages and back etc


In Logic 7 you could resize a Logic window to virtually any size very accurately and lock it and make it floating. That functionality was lost in Logic 8 and we are now stuck with a window that will note be drawn below a certain large size.


It's fine when you are working on a large display, but working on MBP 13" is very frustrating.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I use a app called snappy which allow screen shots to be floating overtop other windows... It can be enlarged or reduced and you can leave logic at max size and position the 2nd screen wherever you want..... double click it to make it go away. nice program..... see below.... does a lot more too...



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That's a great suggestion thanks! - Could it work with Pages...? ie where you need to switch quickly between typing text and then going back to recording in Logic?


That's still very useful functionality as it is .. because you could take a screen shot of a page of music you need to play into Logic..

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