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LPX and screen real estate


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Using LPX 10.0.6 on a MBP - Retina under Sierra 10.12.6

I'm currently creating some music charts, using LPX as an audio reference guide and creating the chart with Finale.

I can not for the life of me reduce the screen size of LPX to anything less than half the screen, which makes flipping from one App to the other problematical;

ctrl+S to save last entries in Finale

ctrl+tab to switch Appsle,

'0' plus enter on the USB numerical pad to play the last extract

Space bar to pause

ctrl+tab to switch Apps .......... you get the picture :)

I really need just the 1st audio track and the time-line above it visible to work comfortably, but at the moment it's hogging too much screen real estate.

Any hope?

Thanks in advance


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