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Sync custom Plugin menu organization between computers?


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Is it safe to assume that Logic doesn't (yet?) support a feature to keep my custom AudioUnits menu organization sync'd between my two Macs?


And so, what is the best way .. which files must I copy etc .. to make sure each one always gets the current setup each time I make an adjustment/update to my personalized hierarchy?


Thanks for any ideas...


Would be cool if Logic had some of it's stuff iCloud'd (optionally) to keep one's prefs etc in sync

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There is a folder that contains the data used by logic for the plugin Manager. It is a folder full of files. You can basically copy that folder across to other machines and they will have the same setup. PRESUMING that they have all the same plugins installed, I don't know what happens if some plugins are missing. You can also use this to have different plugin menu configurations you want to use, just swap out this folder with different configurations.,


~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Databases/Tags/

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