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High Sierra or Sierra ??


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I've been using an older MacOS on my iMac and finally getting round to updating my systems (along with increasing my RAM and other enhancements).

My question is should I go with High Sierra or Sierra?

My reason for asking is that I've read some negative feedback about High Sierra for Logic users!

Obviously everyone can have different experiences but I'm not the techy-ist of guys so worried enough to ask for advice and help!!

Any advice, guidance or sensible warnings would be much appreciated!!



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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

I have a spinning HD so take it that Sierra is my better option.

Can I ask why you suggest that? Has High Sierra been problematic with spinning HD computers?

I'll check on 3rd party plugin compatibilities but if I go with Sierra I'm hoping that won't cause me too many problems if any.

Thanks again man


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