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Best and Highest LogicProX version stable on ElCapitan?


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Hi ,

Of course I am behind in my OS updates...cant switch in the middle of a record or of a film...so I

only just updated my OS to ElCapitan10.11.6 ...and while some of you may find that way unexciting, I am very excited ;)

Now I really do need to know which is the most stable newest version of LPX I should aim for in El Capitan (10.3.3?) and where I might be able to get it...since my

app-store seems to want to go to 10.4...which isn't going to work!


Thank you in advance!



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Unfortunately you can't get previous versions from Logic from the App Store.

So unless you move to Sierra (Apple still has a link available), you're not able to get the newest Logic without High Sierra.

You would have to ask a friend that saved logic x versions to give you 10.3.2 or 10.3.3, which are the highest versions for El Capitan.

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Thank you Triplets...I am definitely going to try and find one of the 2 versions you are suggesting (assuming you don't favor one over the other ?)

I know how rigid and not very aware of music third party releases Apple are...but hopefully I can get on of these versions.

Best wishes.


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