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Learn New Controller Assignment - bug


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I just noticed that this feature, when you don't release the shortcut, is not working as expected.

My shortcut for that is Shift+CMD+K. In the past, if I would press those keys and NOT release the Shift+CMD, a little window would show up



Now when I do that, it just opens the normal, big, annoying "Controller Assignments" window, which wasn't supposed to open. Even the small window explains what to do.


Can someone with an earlier version, test this? I have 10.3.2 and 10.4.0 and they both kinda act the same way, even though 10.3.2 seems to be a bit more constant on opening the small window, but still buggy.


If someone can check this on earlier versions that the ones I have, that would be awesome, even Logic 9



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Indeed I do remember that and it no longer does it... but Command-Shift-K? My default is Command-L here...


It sucks. Such a useful feature. But I already sent a bug report


And yeah I like to customize my shortcuts based on what I use more often. For me Command L is to loop regions. The original L is to open the library instead of looping. ;)

I use the loop feature a lot and then I convert those loops into normal regions so Cmd L to loop and then Alt/Option L to convert them to normal regions


All about the workflow :)

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Did I speak too fast? I later closed opened a plug-in and the Controller Assignment window reappeared along with this pop-up???


Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 16.54.48.png


I am currently without a MIDI Controller so it's not the best conditions to test this... ;)


Yeah it’s all crazy now. Sometimes it shows the small window (almost never, but sometimes it does), sometimes it shows that big window with that message you just posted.


Let’s hope they fix it

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Does it work anyway? I mean if you hold down Command-Shift, tweak a MIDI Controller knob and release Command-Shift, is the assignment learned?


It works, but because it opens the normal Controller Assignments window, it becomes useless to keep holding the CMD+Shift and that was the beauty of the feature... :/

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