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Track Stack FX Automation is not work with Bounce to Place


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I have two ch and I made track stacks, I gave a fx on the stack channel, after I made an automation on this effect (example dry/wet) after I selected all stack regions and click bounce to place ctrl+B

but Bounce to Place did not include the FX dry/wet automation . there is no such problem in normal channels with FX and automation but, I do not include automations when I build a track stack

this is very important for me because, I am constantly trying to layer sound design fx automation


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That is normal.

The Fx or the automation are not part (included) in the tracks (regions) you are bouncing-in-place.

The Fx and its automation pertaining to the master track (and associated channelstrip), in order to have them included in your bounce, to have them included in your bounce, you should bounce-in-place the master track.

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