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Working with video - "tempo operations" issues.


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I've found a YouTube video which is describing roughly what i want to do, and i'm trying to follow it. I'm trying to set up my cues and align those video cues to measures. This is roughly what i am trying to do:



I'm having trouble figuring how to follow it exactly. There are "lock" icons for the ending time and position, and i'm finding that when i enter a desired ending position and/or time, that LPX is arbitrarily changing the values that i enter for some reason or is somehow calculating a verrrrrrry slow tempo somehow. I've added SMPTE to my video, imported the video, created markers where i am going to want to have downbeats. Now, i'm trying to set tempos between those events in order to create a good musical pulse. The problem that i am having is when i am using the "Tempo Operations" under the Edit->Tempo menu. I was actually able to do this successfully from the the beginning of the project to the first marker. Now, i'm trying to set the desired tempo for the span between first and second markers and the results that i am getting are VERY unpredictable. I'm able to set the start time/position no problem, but when i start trying to enter the ending time and then, set what bar i want that to be, LPX is giving me VERY strange results. Sometimes, it changes the values that i enter for the ending time. Sometimes, it accepts the values, but then calculates a REALLY slow tempo for the selected period (for example, i set a 20-second time period and try and set that to be a total of 8 measures and SOMEHOW LPX calculates that to be a tempo of 11 beats per minute). I can't figure out any rhyme or reason in what it is doing.


Can anybody give a full-proof method for how one can navigate the Tempo Operations dialog successfully to get tempos for a section set up as you'd like it to? I don't know if it's really buggy or i'm just not following the right set of steps. First time i'm working with video in LPX, so a little direction might go a long way.


Thanks if anyone can give a good workflow for how to get it done.


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Thanks for the reply David, curious to hear if anybody else is doing this. It seems to work as described "sometimes", it's probably me, but i'm curious if anyone has a set of repeatable steps.


"Beat mapping" eh? Looking in your book, i don't even see that topic referenced. Do you have any good reference materials or videos that would explain this for me? I appreciate the finger pointing!

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..... then you SMPTE lock it and map a downbeat to it.


Reading this again, i was wondering if you could explain the process of "map a downbeat to it" just a bit? I assume the SMPTE lock part is creating a marker at the point in the video where you want and then locking it in the marker dialog, is that correct?



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Sure. What I mean is in the beat mapping global track, there are two parts: the upper part of the track is your grid in bars and beats. The main part of the track shows the position of whatever event (audio region, MIDI region, marker) you've selected. So you drag beat-line from the grid in the upper half down to the desired event line:



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