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Hardware sequencensing a plugin


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Hello, so im a bit stuck here.

What im trying to do is to have My drumbrute controll battery 4 wich work.

But then I need to have that track "markt" so if I wanna go and change something on another track I lose THE connection.

Ive set up drumbrute and the channel in same midi channel in hope that would DO THE trick but No.


Yes I could print it down but that's not what I want . Im using it to jam and wanna change thing as I go with My other gear.


Any idees how to make it play without higlighting THE track ?



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You could do a little environment cabling to route that controller to the desired channel strip directly: Choose Window > Open MIDI Environment, at the top left click the layer pop-up menu and choose "Click and Ports", Option-click the triangle next to your controller on the Physical Input object and in the pop-up menu, navigate to Mixer > Desired-Channel-Strip.
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