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Move playhead with region - Similar to Pro Tools


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Hello all,


after much scanning on the web and here I can seem to find if this is a thing.


In PT, when a region is selected, you can nudge it by the selected amount (beat, tick, frame etc.) When you do this, the 'playhead' moves with the start of the region. This is extremely useful when spotting FX or midi regions to frame accurate points in a video.


Am I missing the correct wording or key command to get this to happen?


Any help, greatly appreciated!



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Hi Tom,


I can't think of a way to make the playhead move along with the region you're nudging in Logic. But you could use "Go to Selection" after each nudge to make it snap to the selected region's beginning. So two key commands instead of one. Probably not what you wanted to hear... but then there's always Keyboard Maestro....

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