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Recording Pauses Instead of Stopping/Disarming?


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Morning guys. Since upgrading to Logic 10.4.1 I've been having a number of issues. One of the more prominent ones is recording functionality. For years my typical behavior went like this: hit command + r, do what I want, then hit space bar to stop recording. In every previous version this has worked fine. When I hit space bar the recording stops and Logic behaves as normal and I can go about my business.


Since 10.4.1 sometimes when I hit space bar to stop recording the play head stops right where it was and is still armed to record (red). If I hit space bar again it continues to record. So I hit space bar again and then it stops recording and behaves as normal (when I say normal I mean I can stop and play and it won't record). I do the same thing every time, but about 50% of the time it will act like it's in a "punch in" mode. The rest of the time it simply stops recording and won't record again unless I tell it to.


The reason I'm bringing this up now is because last night Logic crashed twice immediately after this weird punch in behavior. The project was very light and using little CPU. But when I hit record, hit space bar, then hit space bar again (noticing the play head was still red) Logic showed new recording for a split second then crashed. I was also having an odd cycle behavior last night (selecting a region would not change the cycle area). Could these have been connected?


Thanks for your time!

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If you are working from a project template, perhaps it is corrupted? Have you tried with new different project template?


They are new templates; as of last week. After the most recent update my old templates wouldn't even load. So whenever I've been having issues I've been making new templates. Perhaps it's time for a fresh install...

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